# Wellcome to the Oracleia - The webwork of the Muses --- ![[Wellcome_to_the_Oracleia.jpg|600]] ### What is the Oracleia ? --- *The Oracleia is an interconnected webwork Oracle of the Muses...* It is a labyrinth of gateways, to the realities of imagination. You can think of it as a RPG ( role-play-game ) with the muses giving you the role that opens the way to your desired reality. The Oracleia is dedicated to the divine feminine, the mystical origin of heaven and earth. [[She who is mystical]] - [[She who is connecting]] It´s aim is to hand you the keys to enter the ever expanding realm of possible realities – to connect the inner world with the outer one – a magical interface between you and the spirits to manifest the eternal dance of existence. [[She who is creating]] The Oracleia is an autopietic system that emerged in the present time, and as such is **not** bound to any traditional ties, like western occultism, witchcraft, wicca, eastern shamanism, etc. [[She who is free]] As such it is not rooted in some ancient past – but in the here and now, and its aim is not to preserve some old traditon in a “museum of magic” – but to bring magic into a form of the present that is connecting and embracing the time of technology and change and anthropocene that spirits are experiencing NOW. [[She who is going with time]] --- ### Who are the Muses of the Oracleia ? ##### The Muses of the Oracleia express roles and characters - they manifest as mindsets. *They are the spirits that create reality.* They should not be taken as external spirits and goddesses however, but as ones that manifest *within our self* - that seek manifestation in our self, rather then influences from outside. [[She who identifies herself]] In order to step into their power, we have to *become them.* Acting *in* their way is the dedication and devotion to them. They show you the role to take on in this very moment, in the eternal all interconnected role-play-game of realities, in order to navigate to your desired reality. --- ### How to understand the Oracle - how to interpret the divination ? In order to ask the Muses of the Oracleia, here are some important notes of understanding: ##### The Oracleia works in a different way than many other oracles ! The Oracleia is **not** meant to be "another Tarot". It has nothing to do with the Tarot and its interpretation has a different approach. **The Muses do not show you the situation as it is, nor the future as it will be or the past as it was !** While other oracles can give you more insight into the current situation around you, and the link between past and future, the Muses of the Oracleia show you non of it. If you are interested in the link between the current situation and the tendency of its flow and development, try to ask the Zhou Yi, ( also known as I Ching, or "book of changes" ) or other divination-systems that you are familiar with. The Muses of the Oracleia however are focused completely on the very core of one single question: ***What shall I do in order to reach my desired reality ?*** ##### The Muses of the Oracle answer you exactly ONE question: **What shall I do ?** Lets show this with a little example: You could ask other oracles a question like: "How is the situation with my boyfriend/girlfriend ?" and you would receive an answer like "The loving ones" in the Tarot, or something like "The trickster" or "The splitting" maybe - indicating something about the current situation. The Muses of the Oracleia however would work different. *They will NOT answer you a question like this.* Of couse in order to ask the question "What shall I do ?" or "How should I act ?" you have to be clear about your goal, your dream, your desire. So the underlying question that you will have to answer yourself is: **What do I desire ?** Be honest here - the Oracleia is not a "morally oracle" here to judge you - its an individualistic one. Your desires are part of you. They make you who you are, and are what makes every being unique and precious. [[She who follows her desires]] The "perfect" world in terms of the Oracleia is not the one where everyone is united under a great allknowing and compassionate "god", principle, or rule of "good" - but one where all beings find ther own unique path and place in the eternal possibilies of the multiverse. Its about freedom - the freedom to be whoever you want to be - not to be the one someone or something says you "shall" be. [[She who is self-determined]] - [[She who is free]] - [[She who is mystical]] ##### The Muses of the Oracleia are totally focused on YOU - your actions, desires and mindset ! Instead of showing you what your surrounding does, or how the situation is that you are in - they show you how YOU should act, in order to step on you very own way, to realise a desire or to manifest a reality. Its allways about you, and the spirit or mindset that you should seek in yourself and the way in which you should respond and interact with your enviroment and others. Because of this, the right question is of most importance to interact with the Muses of the Oracleia. #### The right questions... The questin that almost allways is at the center of any question is: *"What shall I do ?"* In most cases this implies already a certain goal, or need... So the question can be further formulated as: *"What shall I do to fullfill my desire to.... ?"* Another good question is: *"How can I achieve... ?"* Do not try to uncover the future ! The Oracleia is not here to predict a deterministic future, so avoid questions like: *"Will I achieve ... ?"* *"Will I be successfull with ... ?"* Also try to avoid questions that reacht to much into the personal spiritual realm of another being. You dont need to know what someone else is "thinking" of you for example, or what the hidden intentions of someone is. There are reasons that this person wants them to be secret, and allthough they might not be allways good, breaking into that personal sphere of someone magically could be considered as "magical espionage". The Oracleia is not a magical "Stasi-Tool" - so try to avoid breaking into the minds of others and focus instead on what YOU should to, how YOU should act in order to move from the current reality, to the one you desire... #### How to aks the Oracleia, how to do the divination There are no strict rules - create your own ones ! I would suggest some kind of ritual, to create a good psychic framework for the consultation to work, but I believe it is of utmost importance that this is a personal thing and should be choosen by each individual itself. What you do here, is to give meaning to events without direct causal connection - looking for some kind of synchronicity. Such meaning is subjective, of course - but then again… is there something like "objective meaning"at all ? To layout a rough basis, keep the following points in mind: #### Respect - the foundation of any relationship. First things first - if you ask the Oracle, dont do it just for fun. No spirit, be it human or otherwise, enjoys being annoyed - but most spirits like to engage in some kind of relationship. Treat the Oracleia as an entity and with the same respect that you want to be met with, and you will get answers and a communication that reflects that. That does not mean that you have to kneel on the dirt and sacrifice the liver of your most beloved pet. It means a basic foundation of respect and trust that we should cultivate between all of us. On the other hand, if you are of a submissive nature and enjoy obeying something higher, then that might very well be the personal way you have to go. There is nothing wrong with that - just remember, that this is not forced to you from the outside, but an expression of your self ! Build your relationship with the Oracleia and the Muses and you will notice that this relationship can grow and become very personal and close. #### Taking the answers serious Just take the answers serious. If you dont feel like you can take an answer to a personal question from some "strange online oracle" than thats fine - just dont ask. If you DO decide to ask the Oracleia however - stand by that decision when you recieve the answer. Dont pick just the answers you like. Remember that the Oracleia might want to show you another path that will lead to your desired reality in a different way than you expect it. But the fuel of all of this, is desire. Try to avoid repeating the same question over and over again, if nothing has changed. However, if you want to ask a question already asked, but the situation **has** changed, than just ask. It all comes down to an honest will to communication. #### Engage in a communication You are consulting an entity. Keep that in mind, and engage in a communication. Often times answers to questions can open further questions, you might not have thought before. Have courage to ask those and engage in this ongoing dialoge. If you feel you have received the answers you need at the moment - just stop. There are no rules for this - as there are no rules for this kind of conversations with physical entities - just follow your feelings here. #### A word about morals... *The Oracleia is NOT a "morally" oracle !* It will NOT hinder you from unmorally decisions or actions - if they will manifest the reality that you are truly seeking - and if you are willing to pay the price that unmorally decisions tend to cost. *The Muses of the Oracleia are not here to judge.* Not you - not anyone other. From the mystical standpoint that is the one of this Oracle, there are no truely "good" and "bad" actions. There are different contexts and situations, and good and bad exist in human society and social context - but thoose are no "eternal" rules of "general good and bad". This said, keep in mind: *The Muses do NOT free you of your own responsability to choose your own way !*